My Instruments:

Püchner Modern Bassoon.

Wolf Baroque Bassoon. Pitch at 415. Replica of the HKICW bassoon.

Robert Cronin Classical Bassoon. Pitch 430. Replica of a Heinrich Grenser Dresden bassoon.

**On order** Wolf Romantic Bassoon. Replica of a Ziegler bassoon.

Wolf Bass Dulcian. Pitch 465.

Leslie Ross Bass Dulcian. Pitch 440.

Jean-Luc Boudreau Baroque Alto Recorder. Pitch 415. Replica of a Steenbergen recorder.

Jean-Luc Boudreau Transitional Soprano Recorder. Pitch 440. Replica of a Ganassi recorder.

Robert Cronin G Alto Shawm. Pitch 465.

Korber Soprano Shawm. Pitch 440.

Korber Sopranino Shawm. Pitch 440.

A variety of other recorders.